Thursday, July 16, 2009

I just don't get it!!

I was dumbfounded when I watched a youtube video sent to me yesterday that shows a northern cost beach in a Muslim country where young ladies were walking around with bikinis and talking about the latest styles and "so in" colors! I had a difficult time to explain this to my 9-year-old daughter who along with her Canadian friends go to the swimming pool with knee-long shorts and covering tank tops. I could not believe the care-free attitude of both young ladies and men who happen to belong to a Muslim country known for modesty and conservatism when it comes to dress codes. Then I was hit today again by this

The question is, where do I go if I want to enjoy the beach with my family? I do not swim anymore and do not believe really in that "hijab swimsuit" that is common out there. I do not want to have to explain this to my kids who were raised to believe in modesty and decency because I still cannot figure this out myself. If I decide to go to my homeland, will I be allowed to join my kids and sit next by watching them playing in the pool or will I be prohibited from entering in the first place like that Norwegian Muslim lady. I can understand that I feel like a stranger and think a thousand times before I decide to go to a lake here where everyone is wearing sweatsuits and odd ones like me feel like strangers to this world; though I do not mind that distinction at all mind you! But if this is how it will be like in my own homeland, then till when will I feel like a stranger? Will I be kicked out and denied the freedom I do enjoy here? Can anyone explain this paradox to me?

A Scottish poet with an African background was talking yesterday on the radio explaining how we take our homeland values with us when we leave and lead a life of holding on to them and nourishing them in the souls of our kids only to go back and find that many things have changed leaving us the ever strangers.

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