Sunday, October 26, 2008


A new promising and needed project has finally seen the light. Adage Ltd. is a not-for-profit translation and education company devoted to the production of the first online database of hadīth (the sayings and traditions of Prophet Muhammad) in different languages, starting with a complete English translation.

Such a project is highly important nowadays, when truth is distorted, and lies are taking the lead, where Islam is constantly being attacked and prejudiced. The core aim of this project is to clear the misunderstandings about Islam, and to spread the fruits of Islamic knowledge to the world. While it can prove highly effective for scholars and Muslims, it can also be very useful to anyone seeking to know more about Islam from an authentic source. Nobody can better represent what Islam is really about more than the Prophet of Islam himself. This is a must-see website that is extending a hand with peace and a real desire for more understanding and tolerance. Please see for yourself: